Finding The World's Best Beer In San Diego

 World's Best Beer Found In San Diego


Beer In San Diego
Beer In San Diego

 Ahh, San Diego, the Unites States most southwesterly city (excluding those in Hawaii, of course). A number of things jump into people’s minds when the topic of San Diego pops up. The city is well known for its beaches, bikinis, and burritos. While I like all three of those things, my favorite offering San Diego provides starts with another “b”… it is beer!

With close to a hundred breweries in the county, San Diego has rightfully earned its title as “Beer Capitol of the Unites States.” Some of the larger breweries, like Stone Brewing Company, are world renown, providing a stable, consistently delicious core line of brews available year round. Other, smaller breweries stick to small batches, using only in season ingredients in strange and inexplicably delicious combinations to create a unique beer you may never drink again.
Reinheitsgebot In San Diego
Reinheitsgebot In San Diego
There are four basic ingredients in beer: hops, barley, yeast, and of course water. While some breweries like to experiment, adding variables like wheat, chocolate, vanilla, or chili peppers, most breweries today keep it simple, adhering to the ancient (but since slightly modified) German law of Reinheitsgebot.  The latter is also known as the German Beer Purity law, that states that anything labeled beer most only use those four basic ingredients. It’s a good law, and one that most massive breweries these days simply don’t follow, adding impure ingredients, known as “adjuncts” like rice or corn, to save money and increase production, but at the cost of flavor (Think Miller, or Coors..Yuck!)
  The way in which these four basic ingredients are used can have a tremendous impact on the type and flavor of the beer. Use a large amount of hops and you end up with golden India pale ale. Use too much barley and you end up with a dark stout, or porter. The combinations are endless, and inevitably amazing. Fortunately for those of us in San Diego, nearly every possible style of beer is produced locally, and is available at any number of local bars, or even in some instances, straight from the brewery itself!
Beer In San Diego
Beer In San Diego

If you could not already tell, I am a passionate beer connoisseur, and will bring it upon myself to taste and write about a number of local beers, breweries, and bars each week. Next week, I start off at the crown jewel in San Diego’s growing beer scene…Stone Brewing. 

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Drippin Beatz: Cocktails And Music

Drippin  Beatz: Cocktail Hour With A Music Fest Junkie

 There are more festival’s than I can ever keep up with or even try to attend but knowing really amazing plans are “Full Speed Ahead” from many great drink sponsor’s to collaborate and jump in the fest world.  I’m almost more excited to see what will be created by sponsors than the actual event. So many coming up…. And this year being a special year for music, with so many new, at least new to me I should say, being given a true chance to shine. If you share my love for the perfect drink to get lost in while enjoying music, take a journey into 2015's journey of Music fests and sponsored Drinks.

Fest season is upon us as 2015 has taken over: Lets take a look

The current fever ticket to be had is the Coachella Music Fest held annually in Indio, palm springs Ca. in April. This year all tickets sold out in record time and has sounds from never played at big events to massive headliners. Shared love for music, being  what we all have in common, major sponsor’s jump in and help make it bigger and better every year. 
Coachella, much like San Francisco’s Outside Land’s Fest, both sponsored and loved by most, and none other than Heinekin. This popular beer has its own stage dome not just at Coachella but at Outside Land’s Fest, and even in Miami’s own hottest fest on the east coast, Ultra music Fest. The great thing about Heinekin is it’s not a VIP, over priced, bottle-service-zone,  so all can join the Dome and cool off with blasting cool air. Enjoy a cold beer and amazing up and coming DJ’s and musical artists.

What I Like:

Heinekin is by choice, my fav. Beer and have had some of the most fun at Heinekin events. I’ve attended Coachella every year for the last Six years and can’t go without making a stop at the H Dome. I Also have gone to Ultra Fest in Miami only two times and the Heinekin set up was brilliant. Escorted from digital order to pick up in a foggy chilled room.  Outside Land’s fest in San Fran has more of a relaxed feel with transparent dome walls, which allows the view of the gigantic tree’s total take over to offer natural chill mode.  

Energy Drinks 
For a lot of artists and musicians they get showered and flooded with bottle service. Some to the point of feeling the need to have their own brand of alcohol or drink label. Still waiting on U.S release, Steve aoki and Afrojack’s own energy drink, Afroki, combining forces not only in music, which I’ve seen multiple times together making stage time beyond beat crush, but now have their energy drink.

The most loved and most infamous: Swedish House Mafia (Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso)  collaborating with Absolut Vodka. This creates Greyhound Absolute, which is a citrus pink grapefruit cocktail and has taken Absolut to the next level in Ad world. Before Swedish House Mafia was dismantled, they released their massive single Greyhound from Until Now album, and with absolute made the most incredible music video and ad campaign that is still strong today. Each member of S.H.M. still crushing beats and enjoying Absolut!

 Until Our Next Cocktail Hour:
Have A Drink With Me And Enjoy The slideshow

 But First Let Go And Listen To No Beef: Afrojack And Steve Aoki

Say When: The 2014 Art and Wine Festival

 Fun Had By All At The 2014 Art and Wine Festival

The Futon Shop San Diego
The Futon Shop San Diego

My name is Matt and I am here to answer all your questions about sleeping organically without any chemicals. I live in San Diego, and I promote Organic Futons La Jolla.  Coming up on my tenth year working for The Futon SHop, I am glad to share my knowledge of sleeping green, but I also have a knack for partying like the best of them.  Here at The Futon Shop San Diego, we are blessed with the sunshine, beautiful men and women, culture and fine dining. With that comes the need to

Modern Sofas
Modern Sofas
celebrate and share with like minded people in the community. La Jolla is that kind of community. It's recent charity came with a glass of wine at the 2014 La Jolla Art and Wine Festival.

While The Futon Shop in San Diego's doors were still open for business October 11th and 12th this year, the town opened its doors to the community bringing people from all over the state to share their work and taste with the best wine and art in in the state. Not limited to just wine, the festival brought some of the nation’s top breweries to show off their own style beer. The funds raised throughout the festival went toward the schools here in La Jolla.  There are more than a few local school programs that really need funding and what a perfect way to support local education. Why cut programs when you can help save and help them grow with a great event. 

Beer and Wine
 Local breweries jump in and bring lots of positive attention to the festival, being that San Diego is the #1 leader city of breweries.   The La Jolla brewery, Ballast Point, San Diego’s own brewery, was  proud to share a long running beer winner with Urban street brewing co. stone brewing co .  My new favorite  flavor  is Pumpkin ale for the season, of coarse. I had fun checking out the festival when with the stein holding contest happened and was helpful to raise more money for the cause. 

The wine too was definitely represented well. I was surprised to see so many different wine companies showing off the fall flavor. Not so local breweries even came to show off their hopps. From Eugene Or. Ninkasa Brewery was welcomed with open arms and mug’s in La Jolla. They are amazing because of their hands-on approach with helping local community through habitat for humanity. They are known to host and sponsor many events that support fund raising for children causes. I’m more of a drinking game fan and ninkasa brewery had many gaming options. In my opinion I hope for more drinking games in 2015.

 Local Mexican Wineries:

Organic Futon sofabeds
Organic Futon sofabeds
The nice surprise from the fest is seeing local Mexican wineries such as; Bodagas  Santo Thomas, hacienda la Lomita vineyard , and San Pasqua.   Enoteca Cava Maciel has a local wine bar in Ensenada, not too far at all from San Diego, and there you can discover so many great wines for a steal. Vineyard visits are also welcomed and encouraged, but the problem is trying to leave. Once there, you just want stay and taste the day away.

There were 200 different artists from all over, local and not so local, putting on a magnificent smorgasbord of art, from sculpting metal, glass to canvas, almost every medium was represented beyond talented. The Futon Shop supports local festivals like the Art and Wine Festival and encourages other companies to make American made product.

About The Futon Shop:
A local Green and organic futon mattress manufacturer and retailer. A local San Francisco eco-friendly manufacturer for over 30 years, makes chemical free and free bedding, futon mattresses, and furniture. All mattresses are made by hand, customers receive personable customer service, we bring jobs and money into the community, we create more jobs in America, each unique mattress is made with the customers needs in mind, choices and ingredients are safe custom for each person, and lastly we reduce carbon footprint with our sustainable practices.

Things To Do In La Jolla

The Futon Shop San Diego
The Futon Shop San Diego

About La Jolla

Hello, My name is Tristan and I work in La Jolla selling organic mattresses and futons.  It is a wonderful community to work in, and I was incredibly excited to work here when The Futon Shop opened its doors here back in February 2014. Growing up a San Diego native, my parents often took me as a child to this wonderful, seaside retreat, and as an adult, I’ve learned to appreciate it even more. Many of the locals often compare their town to a European seaside villa, and I’d have to agree. There are cafes on every corner on every street, and the drivers…well, let’s say most aren’t afraid to lay on the horn…just like in Europe! One of the best cafes is the Pannikin Coffee and Teahouse. Their menu is packed with amazing brews and teas, not to mention some pretty fine soups and sandwiches, all nautral and delicious. Pannikin is literally right across the street from my location, and every day I see quite the assortment of people. From hipsters chilling on their laptops to the elderly community, to even people in suits  running in and out of the  Pannikin Coffee shop.

The Mediterranean Weather 
The Mediterranean weather here stays a warm 70 degrees 90 percent of the year, with a few spikes in late summer, which brings me to the very best part about La Jolla…the beaches!

 1) La Jolla Cove
La Jolla Cove is one of the best beaches in the United States, with amazing snorkeling and tide pool viewing. It’s usually pretty packed, and parking can be tough, especially on weekends, but if you manage to get down to the Cove, you’ll find its well worth the effort. Surrounded on all sides by limestone cliffs covered are natural local vegetation. Such a beautiful place to relax and unwind. If you’re brave enough to jump into the water, go the extra step and grab a mask and snorkel. 
The Biggest attraction: The Marine Life
 The Marine Life is absolutely incredible, with sights like bright orange Garibaldi, Kelpfish, and Sea Bass everywhere. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of an octopus or a Moray Eel, I sure have myself. Then there are the abundant seals and sea lions, which you’re guaranteed to be seen just about any time of day and time of the year. For the adventurous, head up Prospect Street until you see the Sunny Jim Cave Store, then head along the trail next to it. It’ll take you down to a cliff where, with a bit of climbing, you find a fantastic view of the many natural caves tucked into the sandstone cliffs. Jump into the water, and you’ll even be able to swim to them, just make sure to be careful, especially during high tide. Many swimmers have found themselves unable to cope with the waves, which crash directly into the rocks, which are covered with sharp barnacles that will slice you right open (this I learned the hard way). Still, if you’re a good swimmer, and you have an adventurous streak, the caves at La Jolla are and awesome and “off the beaten path” place to check out.
 Now, if surfing and boogie boarding are more your thing, you’ll be out of luck at the Cove, as it’s a protected marine reserve. Visitors are not allowed to touch or disturb anything in the reserve, and floatation devices like inner tubes or boogie boards are not allowed. 

 2) La Jolla Shores
Just a few miles down the road is La Jolla Shores. This is a bit more typical of a beach, with a long, sandy shore. The waves are great for surfing and boogie boarding, and parking is much more abundant. 

Marine Life: Sharks!
Marine life is a bit more limited here, but there are still some great opportunities to see some cool things. Sharks and rays are most abundant here, with the beautiful Leopard Shark an almost guaranteed sight. Covered in bright leopard-like spots, the Leopard Shark is truly a sight to behold, and is completely harmless to swimmers. Next up we have the rays, with skate rays, bat rays, and stingrays your most likely sights. The south end of the beach, just past the Marine Room Restaurant (which is famous for its west window which overlooks the water and is known for the waves that crash into it) is home to the largest congregation of sting rays you’ll ever see. 

 Stingray Alley:
Locals call this spot “stingray alley,”  at the Marine Room Restaurant. This is where the aptly named creatures gather daily. The trick to navigating these waters is to shuffle your feet while walking in the water. Most stingrays do not intent to hurt people, but they have been known to defend themselves when stepped on. By shuffling your feet, you effectively let them know you are there…believe me they’ll move out of the way before they sting. Still, if you don’t want to chance it, stay clear of the south side of La Jolla Shores.

Kids and Dining:
 For those who have no interest in water, you’ll find more restaurants, shops, and cafes everywhere. The grassy area near the boardwalk is a great place for picnicking or barbecuing, and has a pretty cool playground if you have little ones around.

3) Marine Street Beach
Just a stone’s throw away from The La Jolla Futon Shop is Marine Street Beach.  A true “local spot,” where beach meets peace and quiet. A relaxing beach where there are not many tourists here, perhaps because parking is extremely limited, or perhaps because of how secluded it is. You won’t find many signs telling you about this spot, but it’s worth the visit. 

Surfing and Waves:
Here, the waves are good for surfing or boogie boarding, and the snorkeling is good. For those who are into it, October is lobster season, and if you have the skill, you might score some pretty awesome game. The California Spiny Lobster is a delicious local delicacy, and they are there for the taking, as long as you have the proper license.
Here at Our newest Location in San Diego we see all walks of life.  But most often it is “the nice part of town.” Walk out the front door, you’ll see both a Ferrari and a Maserati dealership. Walk down Pearl Street, you’ll find the Bentleys and the Rolls-Royces. Houses in the neighborhood start at about a million, and climb into some pretty astronomical figures. Did I mention Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has a house just down the street? It’s no secret La Jolla can be a tough neighborhood to crack, especially considering many of the local business have been around for decades. People in this neighborhood have a strong desire to maintain the status quo of their village, and go out of their way to support the local businesses that have been a pillar of their community. At The Futon Shop, we’re definitely the newcomers in town, and we have a lot to prove, both to the local villagers, and indeed the rest of the San Diego area. There isn’t much in the way of competition in town, but most people are still turned off by the word “futon” where undoubtedly, memories of uncomfortable nights back in college pop up. But the Futon industry has definitely stepped up its game, and at The Futon Shop in San Diego, we’re the best in the biz. So the next time you’re in La Jolla, stop on by our store and talk to me or Matt, and take a moment to relax on one of our many natural, chemical free futons. Until then, take it easy San Diego.


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